The Odessa Industrial Development Corporations has a long, successful history with the city.


  • Established as a non-profit economic development corporation to assist existing businesses with expansion and attract new, compatible industry to Odessa.


  • Founders raised $500,000 from local business and individuals to fund efforts.


  • 400 acre option was exercised by OIDC and development began.


  • W. R. Grace Company located in OIDC Park. OIDC subsidized land purchase by $37,500 and granted $47,500 for start-up and training expenses.


  • Subsidized lease agreements with Sargent Industries and Hauenstein and Burmeister.
  • Thomas C. Wilson located in OIDC Park from New York. Participated with low cost land to match their $223,800 capital investment and 20 new jobs.
  • B.J. Hughes completed $600,000 expansion.
  • Trans-Tex Supply invested $250,000 and created 25 new jobs in OIDC Park.
  • West Texas Pure Water Company located in OIDC Park and created 25 new jobs.


  • Gave Texas Peripherals a $150,000 grant to subsidize rent over a three year period.
  • Southwestern Bell, Treanor Equipment, and Matera Paper Company sought new or existing space in OIDC Park and employed over 125 workers.

Early 1980’s

  • NL Shaffer Group completed building in OIDC Park.
  • Purchased land in Penwell with $125,000 grant for Teledyne Wahchang. OIDC owns all mineral rights on the land and receives revenue from these rights.
  • Contributed $500,000 to U.T.P.B. Center for Energy and Economic Diversification.


  • Provided leadership role in regional projects such as Permian Basin Bid Center and the Private Industry Council.


  • First land sale in OIDC Park since 1984 to Flint Engineering
  • Final payment of commitment to U.T.P.B. for the Center for Energy and Economic Diversification.
  • Supported prison proposal and funded $16,500 proposal document to the Department of Corrections.


  • Committed $250,000 over 2-year period to Highland Pump for creation of almost 300 jobs.
  • Committed $96,000 over a 2-year period to U.T.P.B. for funding of a Development Officer position.
  • Committed $100,000 to support the Odessa College Incubator.
  • Supported the relocation of Gerdan Industries from Phoenix, Az.
  • Committed interest subsidy on a loan for SafeTire Disposal Corporation.
  • Funded preparation of technical and production requirements for a proposal to attract a 1,000 bed correctional facility to Odessa. Committed to purchase 320 acres of land for this project to provide “free land” to the prospect.


  • Purchased 120 acres for new Parkway Industrial Park.
  • Permian Mack Sales and Service purchased land in OIDC Park and created 50 new jobs.
  • Howell Insulation purchased 2.7 acres in OIDC Park for an expansion project.
  • Provided underwriting toward the support of area businesses aquaculture attempt to grow shrimp in West Texas.
  • Joined in the support of the Midland-Odessa Transportation Alliance, ExRo Aviation and Continental Airlines with commitments for funding job creating initiatives.


  • Provided funding, along with several local businesses, to Odessa College for the purchase of computerized machine equipment to train workforce employees.
  • Contributed funds to MOTRAN for the I-27 expansion project.
  • Contributed funds to Midland for an advertising campaign in support of the new air terminal.


  • With the cooperation of the City of Odessa, received EDA grant in the amount of $1.361 million for infrastructure improvements in Parkway Industrial Park.
  • Committed $100,000 rent subsidies to Sitel Corporation to locate their telemarketing operation in Odessa and create 200 jobs.
  • OIDC and the City of Odessa jointly committed $100,000 in rent subsidies to West Teleservices for locating their outbound telemarketing center in Odessa and creating 275 jobs.
  • Committed funds for the installation of water meters in the new Westover Acres housing addition.
  • Joined with local machine shops and committed funds to Odessa College to start a new training program for machine operators. Also assisted in new entry-level training program for construction workers.


  • Committed $25,000 toward advertising for the Economic Development Sales Tax Campaign.
  • Sold additional acreage to Permian Mack for expansion of their existing business in OIDC Park.
  • Began negotiations with Houston Endowment to purchase 50.4 additional acres along JBS Parkway adjacent to Parkway Industrial Park.
  • Committed to support the Enhanced Student Services Program at U.T.P.B. for $41,500 payable over a 3-year period.


  • Made $453,000 payment for OIDC’s share (20% obligation) in the EDA grant for infrastructure improvements in Parkway Industrial Park.
  • Made third installment payment to West Teleservices. Sitel’s payment is pending.
  • Contracted with Houston Endowment to purchase 50.4 additional acres along JBS Parkway adjacent to Parkway Industrial Park.


  • Sold lot in OIDC Industrial Park to Clearsouce
  • Revised investment policy
  • Dedication of JBS Parkway
  • Stockholders Drive $85,200.00 in new stock purchases
  • Fulfilled commitment to UTPB Enhanced Student Service Program.


  • “Free Water” contract was completed with Texland Great Plains Water Supply for 10,000 gallons per day.
  • Sold Land to ODC for West Texas Food Bank.
  • Began plans for the construction of a speculative building in the Parkway Industrial Park.
  • Board approved the final $20,000 installment to West Corporation.


  • Sold 96 acres to Family Dollar for a Texas Distribution Warehouse.
  • Optioned an additional 82 acres North of Family Dollar Warehouse


  • Construction began on the 1 million sq. ft. Family Dollar Texas Distribution Center.
  • Continued to work on the 50,000 sq. ft. speculative building.
  • Began working with city officials toward the realization of interchanges on JBS Parkway at Business 20 and IH-20
  • Exercised option on 82 acres north of Family Dollar.


  • Sold land to TelVista Company of Dallas to build a 50,000 sq. ft facility for a 500 seat outsourced technical support call center.
  • Finance Committee revamped investments and investment process.
  • Redesigned and relocated the business park billboard.
  • Began the process of developing a new membership campaign brochure.


  • Purchased 600+ of land south of IH-20 for an Industrial Park
  • Began negotiations with Navasota Energy to purchase 40 acres of land in the new Industrial Park.
  • Continued to work with city officials towards the interchanges on JBS Parkway and Business 20 and IH-20.


  • Sold 40-acres of land to Navasota Energy to construct a $200 million, 550 megawatt power plant.
  • Sold 1.75 acres to Comfort Inn & Suites Hotel
  • Signed a mining agreement with Jones Brothers Dirt and Paving for caliche for the two new overpasses on JBS Parkway.
  • Sold land to Coca-Cola Enterprises to construct a new regional distribution center.
  • Executed an option contract on 600 acres at Penwell for the FutureGen proposal.
  • Committed $75,000.00 (three payments of $25,000.00) matching Abell-Hanger scholarship money to UTPB and Odessa College.


  • Extended the option on the 600 acres at Penwell.
  • Sold an addition ?? acres to Navasota Energy for evaporation ponds.
  • Sold one of the last two remaining lots in the OIDC Park to West Texas Fuels.
  • Sold land to Town and Country Food Stores for a Fuel Center in the Parkway Business Park.
  • Sold land to Apollo for two additional hotels.
  • Working with three other projects at this time for lots in Parkway Business Park and in the Parkway Industrial Park.
  • Contributed $200,000.00 to the City of Odessa to help with the construction costs of the interchanged on JBS Parkway at Business 20 and IH-20
  • Committed to a $300,000.00 ($60,000.00 over 5 years) donation to the UTPB Performing Arts Center.


  • FutureGen was awarded to Matoon, Ill.; contacted by Summit Energy to continue the pursuit of a coal gasification plant in Penwell.
  • OIDC Drive and Navasota Drive were constructed in South Industrial Park
  • Sold land to Chesapeake, Industrial Pipe, and Upadaya.
  • Committed to an additional 4 year/$25,000 per year scholarship for UTPB and Odessa College
  • Purchased 520 acres of land I south of IH-20 from John Pool.
  • Purchased 191 acres of land from John Pool
  • McDonald Street was constructed in the Parkway Industrial Park.
  • Extended the option on the Penwell site for Summit Energy.


  • Sold land to Roper Rentals, Odessa Fuels
  • 86.57 acres on Loop 338 from the Parks Family/Houston Endowment for $125,000.00
  • Began planning the extension of JBS Parkway in the South Industrial Park
  • Formed a Communications Committee to raise public awareness of OIDC’s mission.
  • Began using Grow Odessa as a dba.
  • Began making the scholarship donations to Odessa College and UTPB in Louis Rochester’s name. The Board also decided to make an annual donation based on funds available.


  • Sold land to American Crane
  • Purchased the Penwell site for Summit.
  • Extended waterline in South Industrial Park to serve north properties.
  • Committed $10,000 to Odessa College’s marketing campaign for their Bond Issue.


  • Revised Landscape requirements for Parkway Industrial Park and South Industrial Park
  • Sold land to CUDD
  • Committed $800,000 to the extension of JBS Parkway south of I-20
  • Began negotiations on WETT easement.
  • Joint project with CUDD to extend sewer line.
  • Became Platinum Sponsors of the Odessa Chamber
  • Donated land to Christmas in Action.


  • Sold land to Union Pacific, Saulsbury Industries, RTO, WETT Easement, Parole Office, Select Energy, Logan Oil Tools, West Texas Boring, Riley, and Caldera Bobcat, Mangoo – Karim, Devyash, and Bora Reddy
  • Began including Texas Tech in the scholarship donations.
  • Committed to a $300,000 over 3 years to Texas Tech for a Simulations Lab
  • ODC agreed to partner with the extension of JBS Parkway south of I-20
  • Awarded JBS Parkway extension to Reece Albert


  • Sold land to Saulsbury Industries, Graybar, Standard Sales, Caldera Bobcat, Forty Creek, S & S Services, and Reinforcing Steel
  • Began working on a development plan for the 191 and 520 acres.


  • Sold land to Forrest Tire, Kelly Evans Construction, Avera Development, Victaulic, Olivia Management, Gicon Pumps, Lobo Trucking, EPI, Caldera Bobcat, Air Products
  • Committed to donating $1 million dollars to UTPB for their football program
  • Committed to donating $500,000 to West Texas Food Bank for their new facility
  • Constructed Air Products Blvd.
  • Committed to an additional $25,000 scholarship donation to Odessa College
  • Began planning on the second phase of the JBS Parkway extension after receiving ROW from Oncor and Flint Hills.
  • Began the design on a waterline extension, in the South Industrial Park, south on JBS Parkway row to the south property line.
  • Started dialogue with Chevron on a drill site agreement for the 520 acres.


  • Partnered with ODC and began construction on the JBS Parkway extension to FM 3503, TxDOT will connect JBS Parkway to 3503 in early 2017.
  • Completed waterline extension south on JBS Parkway on the west side of road
  • Began the design of a waterline extension south on JBS Parkway on the east side of the road.
  • Committed to $25,000 scholarship donation to OC, UTPB and Texas Tech.


  • Committed to $25,000 scholarship donations to OC, UTPB and Texas Tech.
  • Completed the construction of JBS Parkway extension TxDOT will begin the connection to FM 3503 in 2017.
  • Air Products began producing nitrogen at their facility in OIDC South Industrial Park.

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